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The greatest development of brain neurons occurs in vitro in the 3rd trimester.


.  Major developments in our brain occur at certain ages. Between the ages of 0-3 our the major brain development is that we develop synapse connections. The synapse connections among neurons is thought to be what allows us to learn.








Learning a new language for young kids, in fact, learning in general, will be easier for young kids. The early synapse connections allow kids to respond to visual learning tools. Also, at this stage keeping kids active or learning through activity works well too.


Through the study of neuroscience teachers can focus their teaching efforts on the parts of the brain as they are developing. In other words, if you are teaching a pre-kindergarten class you may want to use visual and activity based learning lessons when teaching a foreign language.


And Language Development and Language Learning

"By the time we are born, we have most of the 100 billion brain neurons will we have throughout our life."

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